Back to school gifts?

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Thoughtful back-to-school gifts can make the transition from summer to school time less painful. Gifts should be practical and enjoyable, satisfying a child’s interests. Ideas include alarm clocks, clothing, wallets, colorful school supplies, personalized stickers, and educational gifts. Encourage positive habits with a dry erase calendar or gifts that promote growth in areas where a child is naturally talented.

Back to school may not be among many kids’ favorite times of the year, but a few thoughtful gifts can turn their groans into back-to-back excitement. As a rule, back-to-school gifts should be as enjoyable as they are practical. Satisfying a child’s tastes and interests will only increase their excitement to start using the new item. The gift ideas below aim to help children confidently approach their fresh start at school.

A new alarm clock is a great way to ring in the school year. Kids alarm clocks come in many interesting styles, colors, and shapes. Choose the one that best suits your child’s needs, helping him wake up quickly and in a positive mood. For example, some children will prefer an alarm clock that plays a song, says a wake-up message, or rolls off the bedside table. As back-to-school gifts, fun alarm clocks help make the transition from summer to school time a little less painful.

A piece of clothing, shoes, or a hair accessory also makes a great back-to-school gift. You could choose an item that your child has shown interest in during their back-to-school shopping but doesn’t fall into the essentials category. Kids also love having their own wallets. Storing lunch and snack money and a school ID card, the new wallets make practical back-to-school gifts.

Even standard school supplies delight children when they have strong visual appeal. Keep a box with items in bright colors and patterns that your child likes. It includes paper clips, pencils, a stapler and staples, pens, scissors, book socks, a pencil sharpener, sticky notes, and a good eraser. For a creative presentation, stash these school gifts in a new lunch bag or storage box for your child’s workstation.

Personalized stickers are great homemade school gift ideas. On your computer, create a variety of drawings using pictures and words, including the child’s name or different school subjects. Print them on sticker paper, cut them out and tie them in a bundle. Kids can proudly use the gift to label their school books, satchels, tool cases and lunch bags.

Back to school gifts can also be used to instill positive habits in children. Present the kids with a dry erase calendar to hang in their room or at their homework post. Encourage them to record homework, projects, and after-school activities on a regular basis. Children will develop organizational and time management skills which are essential when they return to school. Or try educational gifts that promote growth in areas where a child is naturally talented. For example, a kid-friendly thesaurus makes a great gift for kids who love to write, and a good calculator is a worthwhile investment for kids who excel at math.
Help your child start the new academic year right. Fun and selected school gifts will encourage children to welcome the school year, which is itself a meaningful gift.

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