Belly button placement and athletic performance: any correlation?

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The placement of a person’s belly button can indicate which sports they are good at. People with higher midriffs are better at running, while those with longer torsos and lower midriffs are better at swimming. African descent athletes perform better in running, while Caucasians do better in swimming.

The placement of a person’s belly button can be an indicator of what sports they will be good at playing, because it shows where a person’s center of gravity is. People who have a higher midriff have an advantage in running, for example, and people who have a longer torso and lower midriff are typically better suited for swimming. That’s one reason why people of African descent typically perform better in running sports — their belly buttons are usually higher — and Caucasian athletes tend to do better in swimming competitions.

More Belly Button Facts:

Innie belly buttons are much more common than outie belly buttons—only about 10 percent of people have outies, even though about 30 percent of people are born with outies.
One of the ways to distinguish between identical twins is the belly button, because they vary slightly.
Typically, people who have hairier bellies have more fluff in their belly buttons.

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