Best camping kettle: how to choose?

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When choosing a camping kettle, consider the type of camping, cooking, and kettle features. Metal composition is important, with aluminum and stainless steel being common, but other materials like alulite and cast iron have advantages. Safety features like heat-resistant handles and tight-fitting lids are crucial. Consider storage space and camping style, and choose a size and cost that fits your needs.

For some camp cooks, the Dutch oven is the most important kettle, but for many people, the camping kettle is the most versatile camp cookware. Knowing what to look for in a good outdoor kettle is important. When choosing a kettle, you should consider the type of camping you will be doing, the type of cooking you enjoy best, and the features of the kettle. These important factors will help you determine which style of outdoor kettle will be most beneficial. One of the most pertinent factors is the metal composition of the teapot.

Most camping kettle manufacturers use aluminum or stainless steel for their outdoor cooking equipment, but others offer cast iron, steel alloys or titanium. Each type of metal has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying a kettle. One alloy, alulite, is as light as titanium and requires less fuel to bring water to a boil. Alulite is a hard anodized alloy which is one company’s special formula, but other companies are developing new alloys and designs to improve outdoor cooking equipment. This is one reason why a person should research the latest products before making a purchase.

Most companies sell the traditional style of kettles. Other companies offer new models. A patented outdoor kettle design has a unique design that allows the fire to vent through the center of the pot. The uncommon pot has a base that fits over a small fire to protect the fire from adverse elements such as wind, rain, or snow. This pot uses very little fuel to bring water to a boil.

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a camping kettle. A good outdoor kettle will have heat resistant handles that lock upright when in use. Some kettles with folding handles are unsafe because the handle allows the kettle to swing as you pour hot liquids. Another safety concern is the design of the lid. You should choose a tight-fitting lid that stays in place when you turn the pot upside down and is easy to open without burning your fingers.

When choosing your outdoor cooking equipment, you should consider the type of camping you prefer. If backpacking is your sport, choose lightweight gear that stores easily. Backpackers often prefer to use a camping kettle that has a large lid, a folding handle, and a short lid handle or ring that folds down. A large lid allows you to store other items inside the kettle during travel. Short lid handles and loops may pose a safety risk; therefore you should take precautions when using them.

Your camping style affects the amount of storage space and the type of storage you have. Whether you camp with a tent, camper van (RV) or mobile home will affect the type of camping kettle you need. Some people who have an electrical connection prefer electric kettles, while others rely on a campfire or camp stove for cooking. When buying a kettle, make sure it is suitable for cooking over an open fire. The uneven heat of the fire can melt the plastic parts of some teapots or cause them to warp.
The size of the camping kettle is another consideration. If you use the kettle to heat water for a crowd or to wash and rinse dishes, you may need a larger pot. Some people prefer to use smaller kettles and even choose kettles that double as a pot, bowl, or drinking cup.

The cost of the kettle is another factor to consider. Generally, aluminum outdoor kettles are the least expensive. Look for bargains in sporting goods stores or online, such as through auction sites and sporting goods companies.

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