Best cycling shoes: how to choose?

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Choose cycling ankle boots that keep moisture out and fit your shoes and pedals. Consider the environment you’ll be riding in and choose the right material. Toe covers are an option for short-term riding. Visit a store to try different booties and ensure a snug fit.

The best cycling ankle boots are those that effectively keep moisture or moisture out when cycling in inclement weather. Another important consideration is choosing boots that fit your cycling shoes and are compatible with your pedals. There are many different types of cycling booties to choose from, and research is key in finding the right ones for your needs.

There are many different types of cycling booties available, at all price points and made from a variety of materials. When choosing your ankle boots, consider the environment you will be riding in. If your feet primarily need to be protected from the rain, you may not need thicker cycling boots that provide warmth. If you ride in wintry conditions, a thermal boot that provides extra warmth to protect you from numbness and frostbite may be a wise investment.

If you already own cycling shoes, choose cycling boots that fit your shoes. Sandal-type cycling shoes that are bulky and have vents don’t pair well with ankle boots, as the vents offer little protection from the elements. The bottom of cycling ankle boots often have cutouts to fit cleats or other textured soles found on common cycling shoes. The manufacturer of your cycling shoes may have accompanying booties that are guaranteed to work with your shoes. If not, research the boots carefully before ordering to make sure they are compatible with the soles of your cycling shoes.

Short-term riding in inclement weather may not require the use of full cycling shoes. If this is the case for you, consider buying toe covers instead of booties. Toe covers slip only over the toe of cycling shoes and often have a fleece inside, which provides warmth to the part of the foot most prone to freezing. Just like ankle boots, toe covers have cutouts to fit cleats and other cycling shoe soles, so be careful to order the right product.

There are many cycling boot manufacturers. If you’re shopping for your first set of booties or aren’t sure which type is right for you, visiting a cycling or sporting goods store in person might be your next best bet. You can try different booties with your cycling shoes and even take the booties for a test ride if you take your bike to the shop. Look for waterproof, slightly elastic ankle boots to ensure a snug, perfect fit on your feet.

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