Best dollhouse lighting tips?

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Planning and preparation are key for dollhouse lighting. Experts recommend deciding on lighting before construction and marking areas where lights will be added. To keep it simple, add lights to back walls and drill holes before construction. Measure carefully and mark the spot for light fixtures. Dollhouse lighting should be subtle and can be used to highlight specific areas or pieces.

As with many projects, dollhouse lighting requires a fair amount of prior planning and preparation. Some experts in the field of dollhouse design recommend making dollhouse lighting decisions before the actual construction of the dollhouse begins. You can get a basic idea of ​​where the lighting should go by looking at the house plans.
As you begin building your dollhouse, lightly mark the areas where lighting will be added. If you need to drill holes, in most cases it’s best to pre-drill them before construction. To keep lighting projects simple, try adding lights to back walls, so you can simply drill a hole in that location and keep wires contained outside the house. This way, you won’t have to create grooves in the walls or floors to follow the wiring and hide under the wall or floor treatments.

Decide where on the wall the lamp should be, then measure carefully and mark the spot. If you plan to place a dollhouse light fixture in the center of a wall or ceiling, the best method is to measure the length and width of the surface. Then divide the total length or width by two and put a small mark in the center of each, marking all sides. Using a ruler, line up the parallel marks and draw a line from one to the other, using very light pressure. You don’t want the line to show later.

Now, do the same for the other parallel edges. The point where your two lines meet should be dead center; this is where you want to drill the hole. Drilling and the like must be done before any wall treatment is applied. If you’re concerned about lines showing through wall treatments, try gently removing the lines when the dollhouse lighting is complete, before you start adding paint or wallpaper.

Dollhouse lighting should never be too harsh. Enough light to showcase the space and the beautiful items within it is all that is needed. Of course, specific lighting is sometimes used to emphasize particular areas or pieces of the dollhouse.
A small light can be added inside a fireplace to create a more realistic look. Dollhouse lighting can be added to illuminate dark spaces such as hallways, stairways or dark corners of larger rooms. A porch light can be added to the exterior, to give the house a more realistic sense of being a home.

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