Best emergency plan?

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Emergency preparedness involves planning an escape route, conducting drills, and creating an emergency kit for disasters that can be man-made or natural. The plan should be tailored to the home’s location and possible threats. The kit may include water, medication, and extra batteries. Exercises and reviewing emergency phone numbers are also important.

Emergency preparedness is often used for the safety of an individual or family in times of disaster. Preparing for an emergency can involve planning an escape route, conducting drills to teach proper execution of the emergency plan, and creating an emergency kit. Disasters can consist of man-made or natural events that require immediate action by the person or family. A plan may differ depending on the home’s location and possible threats common in that area.

Planning an escape route in case of an emergency can help ensure that everyone involved understands the best actions to stay safe. The escape plan might include sharing emergency phone numbers and the location of the nearest safe city. All emergency phone numbers should be farther away from the home region as local phone numbers can be more difficult to reach if the area is experiencing an emergency. The safe city should be far enough away from the disaster site to be safe, but close enough that all friends and family involved in the plan have little trouble getting there.

Exercises are part of preparing for disasters that are often overlooked. Conducting disaster drills as part of emergency preparedness can make those involved more familiar with the plan. This familiarity can save lives when disaster strikes and people are scared and eager to escape. These exercises can be practiced on a monthly schedule and increased in number as the time of year when disasters are likely to occur approaches. Disaster research can also include a review of phone numbers to use in an emergency.

Creating an emergency preparedness kit can strengthen your disaster plan. The kit may include water, prescription medication, and extra batteries. Some people choose to include canned food and can openers as part of their kit. Emergency preparedness kits should be updated each year to keep supplies fresh and in good condition in the event of a disaster.

Emergency preparedness will usually be tailored to the area in which a person lives. If the home’s location is close to water, planks and nails can be part of the emergency preparedness kit and used to cover windows during hurricanes or typhoons. If the home is located on a floodplain, sandbags can also be kept on hand to protect the home from flooding.

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