Best freestyle swimming technique? How to choose?

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Different freestyle swimming techniques have different benefits. The drag stroke is the fastest and most technical, the side stroke conserves energy and is good for long distances, and the dog paddle is easy for beginners. Swimming is a great exercise, but consult a doctor before starting a program.

Many people incorporate swimming into their regular training routines because this type of exercise has many benefits. There are several styles of swimming techniques, with the breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke being the most difficult techniques. Non-professional swimmers just starting out in fitness generally choose from a wide variety of freestyle techniques, including the drag stroke, side stroke, and dog paddle. Each freestyle swimming technique has its own benefits, depending on how and where it will be used. Consider where you will be swimming and your overall swimming goal when choosing the best freestyle for you.

If you’re on a swim team or starting swim training, consider using the drag stroke as your primary freestyle swimming technique. Also called a front drag or front run, it is the fastest freestyle swimming technique. You swim the drag stroke head down in the water, only turning your head to the side when you need a breath. Rotate your arms in forward windmill motions while your legs remain extended, making quick kicking motions. This is the most technical freestyle swimming technique and is best done in a training pool, where you can use the lane markings to keep you in a straight line.

The side stroke is another popular freestyle swimming technique that allows you to move while conserving energy. This type of swimming is ideal in the ocean or in combination with the stroke when you have to swim long distances. It’s easy on the joints, can be done anywhere, and uses a quick movement of the arms and legs together. Allows you to glide for a moment, using momentum from your movement. Emergency rescue experts suggest that you use this type of freestyle swimming technique when trying to get out of a strong river or ocean current.

Beginning swimmers usually first learn the freestyle technique of dog paddle. This is usually the easiest shot and allows you to keep your head and face out of the water at all times. This is a good freestyle technique if you don’t already know how to alternate breathing and keep your head in the water, or if you are afraid of water. Learning this style will allow you to gain confidence and feel more comfortable in the water, and you can learn more advanced techniques later on.

Swimming is a good cardiovascular exercise, promotes weight loss, builds stamina, and builds muscle. Always check with your doctor before beginning any swimming program. Stretch your muscles and warm up before you start swimming, and rest when necessary.

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