Best glass fixtures for my shop? How to choose?

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Choose glass fixtures for your store based on display needs and safety standards. Consider the layout and products to be displayed, and plan the store design before purchasing. Use tempered glass shelves and locking display cases for security. Check local regulations and choose high-quality fixtures that reflect your company’s reputation.

The best glass fixtures for your store are the ones that meet your display needs and safety standards. Consider the layout of your store and the items that would make the most sense to be displayed in a glass fixture. Glass retail displays and shelving come in various lengths and widths, so it’s wise to plan your entire store design before purchasing separate pieces.

For example, long tempered glass shelves placed along walls at eye level and below can make good use of space and add a sophisticated, modern style to your store. Below these shelves, you might be selling large, heavy products, while mannequins or marketing signs could be hung above them. Wider glass shelves with solid metal fasteners underneath them can work in areas where you might have a little more space, such as in corners or on a back wall. Freestanding cube glass displays allow you to store different products in a stackable fashion to save space in the middle of your shop. If needed, you could have more glass fixtures near the customer checkout area.

Typically, smaller, lighter items tend to work better in display cases or shelves. If shoplifting is a concern, it may be best to choose glass window frames with locking doors for the clerk to open for customers; many jewelry stores use these types of display cases. Depending on what you’re selling, a counter-level locking display case near the cash register may be ideal. Customers who pay for their purchases can locate additional items to purchase in the case. The countertop-like surface can also be beneficial, as having glass instead of opaque materials can reflect more light into the store and help make a smaller store appear larger and more airy.

Before purchasing any glass fixture, it is wise to check the trading regulations in your area. The use of toughened safety glass may be mandatory in some communities, because when shattered, large, sharp shards are avoided. Plain glass that hasn’t been tempered or heated can often produce dangerously sharp pieces if it breaks. Also, look for perfectly finished edges and corners on every type of glass fixture you buy.

Every glass fixture you choose should represent your company’s reputation. If you’re known for quality products, don’t skimp on glass fixtures. Instead, evaluate different appliances, but compare similar qualities, such as those with scratch resistance, rather than just choosing the cheapest pieces.

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