Best golf trunk organizer: how to choose?

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Choose a golf trunk organizer based on the size of your trunk and your storage needs. Look for separate compartments for shoes and clothing, small pockets for accessories, and durable materials. Consider cost and portability.

Serious golfers might want to consider a golf trunk organizer to keep all of their golf equipment accessible, protected, and ready to go. Choosing the best golf trunk organizer starts with determining how much space you have in your trunk for an organizer, as well as determining your storage needs for your golf equipment. Take a quick inventory of the golf equipment you will be storing in this unit and take measurements of the trunk of your car to ensure you are purchasing the correct size. Consider the cost of each organizer and keep in mind that durability and portability are important factors for any decent organizer.

Easy access is an important component of a good golf trunk organizer. Make sure the organizer you’re considering has separate compartments for golf shoes and clothing; shoes can get dirty during a round of golf, and putting your shoes back into the golf trunk organizer can lead to dirt and grass buildup. Make sure your shoes go in a separate compartment from other golf items you don’t want to get dirty, such as clothing, scorecards or other equipment. Many organizers feature a bottom compartment that fits one or two pairs of golf shoes; this compartment is often accessed by opening a pocket or even unlocking a drawer.

The lid of the golf trunk organizer should have small pockets, mesh or otherwise, where you can store smaller items such as golf gloves, markers, pencils and scorecards, and even sunglasses. These small compartments will allow you to access smaller items quickly and easily before or after the match. Some organizers feature a golf ball sleeve holder so you can always have quick access to fresh golf balls. Others may even feature compartments designed specifically for toiletries, such as deodorant or razor and shaving cream. Determine what your needs are to choose the best organizer compartments.

Size and durability are also important considerations. Most golfers don’t want the organizer to take up all the space in their trunk, so room is left for a golf bag and other items. Choose an organizer that fits all of your golf accessories without taking up the entire trunk, and be sure to consider both the size of the organizer when closed and the size when open. Choose an organizer made with durable materials; many are made from nylon or polyester, while others come with a hard case for added durability. Hard cases will be more expensive, but will also last much longer.

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