Best herbal detox: how to choose?

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Choose the best herbal detox plan based on your specific needs, current health, and time available. Consider completing a total body cleanse before targeting a specific organ. Options include fasting with herbal tea or fresh fruit juice, a vegetable stew or raw salad diet, and temporary veganism. The safest and easiest option is to replace unhealthy foods and drinks with healthy, natural alternatives.

The best herbal detox plan should generally be chosen based on the specific type of detox you need, such as a liver detox or kidney cleanse; your current state of health; and how much time you can spend detoxing. If you choose to detoxify a specific organ, you may want to have completed a total body cleanse program first to avoid placing undue stress on any organ or system. Consideration of your current state of health is also important, especially if you are below your ideal weight, which is primarily determined by your height and gender. Some diets and detox plans require you to drink large amounts of fluids or take a long time to prepare special foods or drinks. It may not be feasible to choose an herbal detox on a day when you have to go to work.

Herbal detox plans can be as simple as drinking unsweetened herbal tea for a period of 24 to 72 hours, during which time you fast from all other beverages and solid foods of any kind. This is usually one of the best herbal detox plans for people who want to reduce their weight and who can fast for at least 24 consecutive hours. Consisting of nothing more than fresh fruit juice from organically grown fruits and water, juice fasts are among the best herbal detox diets for people who require more sustenance than that provided by herbal teas. Detox via a quick fresh fruit juice works well even if you don’t want to lose weight.

A detox diet can even consist of eating only fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the form of a vegetable stew that has been seasoned with only natural herbs and spices; Fruit salad; and raw vegetable or herb salads that are naturally seasoned. This is probably the best herbal detox for people who refuse to fast but still want to detox regularly. Strict vegetarian diets, more commonly known as vegan diets, are generally effective herbal detox plans when followed on a temporary basis. Temporary veganism could be considered the best detox for people who don’t mind giving up meat in their diet for a period of time, and for those who want to detox from animal protein.

Unless you are well versed in the use of herbs, the basics of food combining, and all-natural eating, the safest and best herbal detox is simply avoiding unhealthy foods and beverages and replacing them with healthy ones. Carbonated or sugary drinks can be replaced with purified water, herbal teas sweetened with a natural sweetener like honey or stevia extract, and milk from cows that have not been treated with growth hormones and are pasteurized rather than homogenized. Natural, healthy foods include organically grown fruits and vegetables and heirloom grains like spelt and kamut.

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