Best left brain exercises?

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Scientists are debunking the myth of “right brain” or “left brain” dominance, as creativity and analytical thinking require the use of the whole brain. The brain is capable of change and can make new connections between neurons through exercises such as math problems, logic puzzles, and daily activities. Brain improvement products are not always necessary.

Scientists do not have precise information on the intricate workings of the brain. The human brain is an impressively complex organ with 86 billion neurons and thousands of synapses per neuron. The neural networks that make up the brain perform a variety of functions such as gathering sensory information and responding to stimuli, learning and making decisions. Through continuous studies, scientists are discovering new things about brain function and debunking myths that were once considered real. For example, it was once believed that different parts of the brain, right and left, control different functions and that people are either “right brained” or “left brained”. While it is true that there is sometimes a preference for using one region of the brain for certain functions, scientists have discovered that the concept of “right brain” or “left brain” does not exist.

Previously, most believed that the right brain was the seat of spatial recognition skills, visual and artistic aptitude, and musical ability, while dominant left brain characteristics included aptitude for language, logical reasoning, and rational skills such as math skills. However, scientists now believe that creativity and analytical thinking require the use of the whole brain and that it is the connections between different brain regions that make these tasks possible. So a mathematician and a musician rely on all regions of the brain to do their job.

In today’s popular culture, many self-development tools are based on this notion of “right brain” or “left brain”. Considering new studies refuting the notion, it’s best not to get caught up in these categorizations and labels. The brain is very capable of change. It can learn and make new connections between neurons. The best brain development exercises are exercises that encourage the brain to make these new connections. So someone who is weak in math can engage in math problems and logic puzzles on a regular basis to strengthen this skill.

Some companies sell workbooks or computer games geared towards brain improvement. These products can be useful but are not always necessary. Brain activities exist in many daily activities. Forcing yourself to balance your checkbook without a calculator, or estimating a grocery bill based on the items in your cart are simple daily exercises that will strengthen your analytical skills. Solving crossword puzzles, deriving new words from the letters in a certain word or phrase, and making lists and sorting items in closets or cabinets count are some other exercises. The goal of these exercises is to tap into analytical reasoning and logic, and no method is necessarily better than another.

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