Best motorcycle charger: how to choose?

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Choose a trickle charger designed for your specific motorcycle model to maintain the battery during periods of storage. A low amp charger is best to avoid overcharging and prevent the battery from discharging. Top designs turn on and off as needed to maintain the battery’s charge.

In order to choose the best motorcycle trickle charger, it is important to find a charger designed for your particular motorcycle. There are many manufacturers of motorcycle slow charge packs designed and intended for use on specific motorcycle models. Purchasing a model-specific type of motorcycle trickle charger will allow the unit to be concealed within the frame and body of the motorcycle when not in use; In addition, it can be easily connected to a power source when necessary to maintain the motorcycle’s battery during periods of storage. A low amp type of motorcycle trickle charger will best maintain the battery and provide adequate current to keep the battery at its highest possible charge rate. The best motorcycle charger designs will turn on and off periodically to avoid overcharging the battery.

A motorcycle battery that is left alone for long periods of inactivity will often discharge any electrical charge. This creates a dead battery condition when the owner attempts to start the motorcycle after it has been stored. To avoid this dead battery condition, a motorcycle charger should be connected to the motorcycle battery and left plugged into an electrical outlet to provide a slow but steady charge to the battery. Attempting to connect a normal battery charger to the battery for an extended period will result in a battery that has boiled dry due to prolonged exposure to the charger’s high amperage output.

The primary purpose of a motorcycle charger is to keep the battery’s charging cells properly stimulated and charged. The low amperage output of a trickle charger does not create enough charge for the battery cells to boil. By introducing low amperage flow into the battery, the lead plates inside the battery do not corrode with deposits that prevent the cells from holding a charge. Like the motorcycle charging system that provides a low charge when the engine is running, the motorcycle trickle charger provides low power to the battery while the engine is idle.

Top of the line motorcycle trickle charger designs will turn on and off as the battery charge requires. As the battery charge decreases, the charger will turn on and the battery will return to a full charge. Once the charge is at its peak, the charger will turn off, saving energy and eliminating the possibility of overcharging the battery.

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