Best nail gun for flooring? How to choose?

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Choosing the best nail gun for flooring depends on personal preferences. Air-powered models are cheaper but require an air compressor and hoses. Cordless gas-powered models are more expensive but more convenient. Consider the type of nails used and other potential uses for the gun.

When trying to choose the best nail gun for flooring, it’s important to identify the features that are most important to you. Most flooring nail gun choices come in both air and fuel-operated models. The pneumatic nail gun requires an air compressor and air hoses to operate in any job site. The fuel gun has the advantage of being cordless, however, the initial cost is usually greater than an air gun. After cost, the most common characteristics that are important to many people are the weight, type and style of nails used, as well as other uses that the gun may be put to.

The first thing you need to decide when looking for the best flooring nail gun for any job is whether or not you want an air-operated model or a cordless style. The air-powered floor nailer is almost always less expensive than a gas-powered cordless model; however, you have other considerations that will accompany the air-powered model. Unless you work for a company that has a large air compressor available at every job site along with a hookup manifold, you will also need an air compressor and several air hoses to reach all areas of a construction site if you choose to buy powered nail gun. Additionally, you will need to purchase a gasoline powered air compressor to ensure that your air compressor is capable of running when you are in a job site without electricity.

When you factor in all the added expenses associated with an air-powered flooring nail gun, you may find that a cordless gas-powered model is much more to your liking. This style of flooring nail gun uses an exchangeable fuel cartridge that injects a small amount of fuel into a chamber above the nail driver. This fuel is ignited by a small electrical charge from a rechargeable battery inside the nail gun. This model of floor nail gun uses no hoses or cables and is generally suitable for firing more than 1,000 nails from each replaceable fuel can.

Other considerations that need to be given to ensure you buy the best nail gun for flooring are the style of nails used with the gun, along with other uses for the gun. Most nail guns use a straight clip of nails or a large round roll of nails. The nail roll will require fewer refills, even though they weigh more than the straight nail clip. Also, to get the most bang for your buck, you may opt to purchase a flooring nail gun that can be fitted to perform other types of nailing jobs aside from the flooring task.

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