Best rotary drum selection tips?

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When choosing a rotary drum, consider lifting capacity, lift height, and drum rotator type. Choose a machine based on specific functions needed, weight of the rotated drum, and whether it is motorized or manual. Consider a fixture that fits both steel and plastic drums, and a standalone version for flexibility.

When choosing a rotary drum, you need to look at several aspects of the device to make sure you’ve selected the best one for your needs. Lifting capacity, lift height and drum rotator type are all areas that need to be considered when making your choice. You will be prompted to choose between a self-contained style drum rotor or a rotating, lift-up drum design.

In order for you to choose the best rotary drum, you will need to look into the specific functions your device needs. If you only need a device that turns a barrel, you will be able to choose a much cheaper machine than if you also need a machine that can lift a barrel as well. Likewise, if you need a drum rotator that also lifts the drum, you’ll need to choose between a machine hoisted by a hoist, a forklift-mounted version, or a self-contained version of the drum rotator. Much of this decision will be based on the height of the lift requirement, as well as where the drums are stored. Your choice will also be determined by the location of the drum storage area, such as inside or outside a building.

The weight of the rotated drum will often be a deciding factor when choosing to purchase a rotary drum. You can always lift a lighter drum with a heavy lifting machine, however, you cannot lift and rotate a heavy drum with a light duty machine. Whenever possible, you may want to choose the heaviest machine that fits your budget. You will also need to choose between motorized rotary and manual rotary devices when choosing the best machine for your needs. Manual rotary machines are typically less expensive than power devices.

You may also need to choose between a fixture that fits steel or plastic drums. Whenever possible, you can generally get better results with a drum rotator that can accommodate both types of drums. Many models use an interchangeable headband to fit both types of drum. The standalone version of the rotator is commonly more expensive than other models, however, this version allows the machine to be used in all areas of the shop as well as outside. This version also allows for floor plan changes, shop remodeling, and add-ons, making it the most flexible and versatile rotary drum type available.

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