Best running bra: How to choose?

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When shopping for a running bra, try on several made from breathable fabric with wide straps and no underwire or metal closures. Look for a firm or racerback structure and try it on before leaving the store. Test the bounce control by running in place or jumping up and down. Replace every few months and hand wash to extend its life.

When you go shopping for a running bra, be prepared to try on several. Look for ones made from breathable fabric. Check for rough seams inside the bra. Choose one with wide straps so they don’t fall down as you run. Avoid those that have underwire or metal closures, as they can dig into the skin.

Look for a bra made from breathable fabric. This material is designed to keep sweat away from your body so you feel cooler during exercise. Coolmax® and Dri-fit® are two popular materials used to make workout clothing. Avoid buying a running bra made entirely from cotton, as this material tends to absorb moisture rather than wick it away from you.

It is very important to purchase a running bra with solid straps. Straps should be wide, rather than thin, as thin straps are likely to fall off as you run. Wide straps also help support the weight of the breasts better than thin straps.

Choose a bra with a firm or racer back structure. A racerback bra has straps that arch around the shoulder blades. Racerback bras are often recommended for women with large breasts, and a racerback bra with a firm back might be ideal for women with small breasts.

Once you’ve chosen a well-constructed bra, be sure to try it on before you leave the store. If you have a special shirt or tank top that you wear while jogging, wear it the day you go shopping. This way you can make sure that the straps do not show.
After putting on a bra, move your arms in a circle back and forth. Then, lift them above your head and lower them. This can give you an idea of ​​the likelihood of your sports bra riding up as you exercise.

The next thing you should do is run in place or jump up and down a few times. This can let you know how much bounce control the sports bra actually provides. Discard the ones that don’t support you well during this activity.
Even well-constructed sports bras can lose elasticity over time. This could mean that a running bra will need to be replaced every few months. Hand washing this garment and letting it air dry can often extend the life of the garment.

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