Best scaffolding rental tips?

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Renting scaffolding is a cost-effective option for builders, but safety should be prioritized. Rent platforms and toeboards from the rental company for stability and liability reasons. Reserve in advance, review the contract, and consider transportation options.

Sometimes a builder will need scaffolding for a project, but it may not make fiscal sense to buy and keep it. Renting scaffolding is a good option to remedy this situation, but before approaching the rental company for materials, the builder needs to think carefully about how the structure will be used. The cost of scaffolding rentals can vary, and a builder can get the parts needed for a good price, but it’s important to consider safety first—the builder may be tempted to skip the scaffolding rental, which is a bad idea.

Platforms are the large pieces of material that workers will stand and walk on during construction. Renting scaffolding without these pieces can be tempting, especially if the builder has pieces of scrap wood they can use instead, but renting the platforms from the rental company is recommended because rental units will offer the best fit and stability. They are designed specifically for scaffolding, so the builder is less likely to run into a liability issue. Spikes line the edges of the platform to prevent workers from accidentally kicking tools or materials off the platform, creating a hazard to bystanders below. It may also be tempting to avoid including these boards when renting scaffolding, but in the interest of safety, the builder should consider including toeboards in the order.

Before renting scaffolding, it is important for the builder to determine how much piping they will need and whether the rental company will have the appropriate amount of materials on hand. It’s best to make a reservation in advance and review a contract that states how long the builder can use the scaffolding, as well as where and how the scaffolding can be used. It will be important to read the contract carefully to find out who is responsible in the event that the materials break or otherwise fail; The builder could be out for big money if the contract states that he is responsible for the damaged items.

Think about how the materials will be transported before renting scaffolding. Pipes, platforms, toe clips and joints can be heavy and bulky and a large truck will be required to transport these materials. Some rental companies will deliver the materials for an additional fee, which may be worth the investment if the builder does not have trucks large enough to carry the load.

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