Best sugar alternative?

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Sugar alternatives fall into two categories: artificial and natural sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners have fewer calories and a reduced risk of tooth decay, but may increase the risk of cancer. Natural sweeteners are similar to sugar in the body but have a different taste and texture. Consult a doctor to determine the best alternative for your health concerns.

There are dozens of sugar alternatives, but most fall into two categories: artificial and natural sweeteners. An artificial alternative to sugar has fewer calories and carries a reduced risk of tooth decay, but some studies indicate it may cause an increased risk of developing cancer, especially when consumed in large quantities. Natural sweeteners are very similar to sugar when they break down in the body, but tend to have a different taste and texture. When in doubt or if you have a health concern that requires you to consume less sugar, ask your doctor which alternative is best for you.

Consider using an artificial sweetener as an alternative to sugar if the calories or cavity potential of sugar consumption is a concern. Artificial sweeteners are commonly found in drinks and convenience foods around the world. They are often marketed as a healthier alternative to sugar due to their insignificant amount of calories and the fact that diabetics can use them to sweeten foods they normally have to eat without sugar. Some researchers question the safety of consuming artificial sweeteners, stating cancer concerns. However, modern studies fail to prove that most artificial sweeteners are dangerous to human health.

If you’d like to choose an all-natural alternative to sugar, consider honey or agave nectar. These sugar alternatives are very similar to sugar when consumed, so there is no significant health benefit to switching to these natural alternatives. Their texture and flavor is different from sugar, however, and can add more flavor and body to teas, desserts, and coffees. Choose a natural sweetener based on how much you like its texture and flavor rather than all the purported health benefits it has over sugar. Most natural sugar alternatives have insignificant amounts of vitamins and other nutrients that do not affect the functioning of the human body.

Some people cannot consume as much sugar as others due to health issues. If you’re trying to avoid sugar because of similar concerns, ask your primary care provider which alternative to go to. He or she may advise against natural sweeteners due to their similarity to sugar. Also, your doctor may suggest that you use caution when consuming artificial sweeteners on a daily basis. Sugar alternatives are normally safe for people to consume, but some groups of people, such as pregnant women, may need to take extra care due to how the foods consumed can affect an unborn baby.

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