Best tips for braising meat?

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Braising meat can turn tough cuts into tender morsels. Tips include using equal-sized pieces of meat and vegetables, not letting the liquid sink too low, and avoiding boiling the liquid.

Braising meat is a great way to turn a tough cut of meat into tender morsels for a number of dishes. While this cooking technique is commonly used on tough cuts of meat, it can also be used on tender ribs and steaks. Braising can be done in a braiser, slow cooker, or directly on the stove. Some people start by browning the meat and then transferring it to a slow cooker or pot. For those who already know the basics of braising meat, here are some tips to improve the process and lead to better dishes.

One of the key tips is to make sure that each piece of meat being braised is about equal in size. As the pieces vary in size, so does the texture of the final product. The same should be done for any vegetables that will be braised along with the meat. Otherwise the dish may contain undercooked and other mushy pieces of vegetables. Vegetables that braise well with meat include beets, carrots, fennel, and onions. Some fruits like apples and pineapples also braise well and can add a nice sweetness to the dish.

When braising meat, it’s important not to let the braising liquid sink too low in the pan. Some people like to evaporate some of the liquid and use the braising liquid as a sauce. This is fine, but should only be done at the end of the cooking process when the meat has been almost completely braised.

It’s also important not to use too much liquid when braising the meat. Allowing the liquid to fall too far into the pan or stove will result in a baked meat. Using too much liquid will result in stewed meat, so for the right results, it’s important to use only enough liquid to get halfway up the sides of the meat.

When braising meat, be sure not to let the liquid boil. One of the keys to braising meat is cooking the meat slowly, which helps create a tender dish. If the liquid boils while braising meat, it may cook too quickly and result in a tough dish. This will completely counteract one of the main positive benefits of braising meat, which is to create tender bite-size chunks of meat.

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