Best tips for canning potatoes?

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Potatoes can be stored in a root cellar, but canning them is a quick way to make soup or mashed potatoes. Use one variety per batch, wash and peel them, and pre-cook for 10 minutes before canning in a pressure cooker for 40-45 minutes.

Although potatoes can be stored in a root cellar, storing them can help people make soup or mashed potatoes quickly. You can use any potato variety in home canning, but it’s best to use only one variety per batch. It helps if all the potatoes are the same size, so it may be a good idea to cut them into 1- to 2-inch pieces. When canning potatoes, the spuds should be washed thoroughly and then peeled, as canning with the peel can increase the risk of botulism.

Storing potatoes is best done soon after they are harvested, as this will result in a fresher tasting product. Even so, home canning can be put off for a short time if necessary. This way, even store-bought potatoes can be used. If old potatoes in home canning are used, it is very important to inspect them carefully for signs of rot or insects, then remove any damaged spots before preparing them.

When storing potatoes, spuds that are slightly soft around the edges but firm in the center are usually preferred. This requires the potatoes to be boiled for about 10 minutes to soften them a bit. If the potatoes are cooked longer than this, they may become mushy when processed inside the jar.

After the potatoes are pre-cooked, they are ready to be canned. They should be placed in the jars just below the mouth of the container. Jars should be filled loosely, but not overpacked. Once this is done, add boiling water over the canned potatoes. To save time, cooks can boil a separate pot on the stove while cooking the potatoes.

Canning potatoes is usually done using a pressure cooker rather than an open kettle container, as this helps ensure food safety. The jars should be allowed to process at a pressure of approximately 4.54 kg for approximately 40-45 minutes and then cooled before removing from the container. This should be done with special tongs, which are called jar lifters; it’s also a good idea for cooks to wear oven mitts and long sleeves to avoid getting burned by the steam from the pressure cooker.

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