Best tire dealers: how to find?

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To find the best tire dealers, ask for recommendations from friends, ask specific questions about price and extras, call your car dealer for recommendations, and check local “best of” listings.

New tires are a great investment. When you’re planning to spend a significant amount of money, you want to make sure you’re spending it in the best possible way. There are several ways to find the best tire dealers.

Word of mouth is probably the most effective way to find a tire dealer you are happy with. Tire dealers rely on happy customers to tell others about their experience. Chances are if you hear good things from two or three different people, the tire salesman is good. It’s important to ask the person exactly what happened to their tire buying experience and convince them that the tire salesperson was good. For example, if the tire dealer volunteered to special order a particular tire that they don’t stock, they may offer good service, but this says little about whether they are price competitive.

Ask the person specific questions about the dealership, such as how the price compares to other places you’ve shopped and what extras they offer. Many local tire dealers can’t compete with big box retailers, but they do offer additional services. Some local tire dealers will offer free tire rotations for the life of the tire, free tire removal or patches if you get a flat, if you buy the tire from them. However, box stores may offer a lower price up front, but charge for rotations, patches, and removal of your old tires. When you add up all these charges, the savings from the largest store can be negligible.

Another way to find the best tire dealers is by calling the car dealer where you bought your car. They don’t normally sell tires, so they won’t be tempted to sell their own products, but they will be familiar with tire dealers in the area that carry the recommended brand and style of tire for your car. They’ll also want to send you to a store where you have a good experience, so you don’t associate the car dealership with a bad buying experience.

One last way to find the best tire dealers in your area is through local “best of” listings. Local newspapers often run reader surveys that provide information on the best of everything, from Chinese restaurants to beauty salons. Tire dealers are often on this list. A top listing here is comparable to a word of mouth recommendation from everyone in your community.

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