Best used roller conveyor: how to choose?

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Used roller conveyors can save money and increase efficiency in manufacturing processes. Consider physical characteristics, durability, and replacement parts availability when choosing a unit. Refurbished options may come with a limited warranty and little cost.

A good quality used roller conveyor can be a great way to make a manufacturing process more efficient while also saving a great deal of money. This makes the option worth considering when it comes to starting a new operation with relatively little money on the front end. When examining used conveyors, it is important to consider several factors, including the physical characteristics of the unit, the amount of conveyor use in plant operation, and the cost of the used unit compared to a new or refurbished conveyor.

Focus on used roller conveyor units that will work well within your production floor layout. Consider both the length and width of the conveyors to ascertain whether they will fit into the overall scheme and increase the efficiency of the overall process. If the idea is to use the roller conveyor on an assembly line, make sure the height of the device is ideal for workers to easily access the components that are rolling down the line.

Also pay attention to the parts that make up the used roller conveyor. Choose units built with strong metal and durable plastic components, as this will help keep maintenance and replacement costs to a minimum. Also inspect the configuration of the components to make sure that the rollers in the conveyor can move freely and are not damaged in a way that prevents any part of the conveyor from moving.

Please note that because you are considering used roller conveyor units, you need to ensure that replacement parts can be obtained when and as needed. Research the design and model of the conveyor and identify several suppliers that could supply those spare parts. If it appears that these parts have been discontinued and are not readily available, it might be a good idea to focus your attention on another roller conveyor. If the equipment is to be used on a daily basis, quick and easy access to replacement parts is extremely important.

Keep in mind that a used roller conveyor is normally sold as is and does not normally come with any warranties. Before assuming that low price is the best you can do, explore the potential of buying a refurbished roller conveyor instead. Refurbished units are obsolete equipment that has been restored to factory specifications and may come with a limited warranty. Depending on the type of used roller conveyor you have in mind, a refurbished one may be available for little or no outlay of funds and provide a little more protection.

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