Best ways to use Emmental cheese?

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Emmental cheese is versatile and can be served rolled, diced, melted, or grated. It can be used in dishes like macaroni and cheese, soufflés, and pasta casseroles. Adding Dijon mustard can enhance the flavor, and it pairs well with cured meats and vegetables. It’s important to wrap Emmental tightly and use it within several days or freeze the rest.

Emmental cheese, full of holes and flavors, is ideal to serve rolled or diced for snacks or sliced ​​in sandwiches. Emmental, also called Swiss cheese, can also be melted into sandwiches or used in fondues and soufflés. Grating this cheese and mixing it with other strong, flavorful cheeses like Parmesan and aged cheddar can make for an all-purpose mix to use in dishes like macaroni and cheese. Emmental cheese doesn’t tend to stay that long in the fridge, so it may be best to freeze a grated mixture and use the rest rather quickly in other dishes and snacks.

Placing a small piece of curled lettuce on a cracker before adding a cube of Emmental and garnishing that with slices of black and/or green olives, can be a mouthwatering appetizer for a party. Buying sliced ​​Swiss cheese squares and rolling them up to serve with cured meats like salami likewise is a classic look for a party platter. A little grated Emmental cheese atop mushroom or any cream soup can be a delicious addition. Emmental cheese mixed with warm rice or macaroni and cheese can also be tasty. Some cooks like to use Emmental in pasta casseroles with ground almonds and cooked vegetables.

A little Dijon mustard, whether in sandwiches or cooked dishes made with Emmental cheese, can really bring out the flavor. This combination is ideal in submarine-style salami sandwiches. Vegetables like leeks can work wonderfully well in an Emmental soufflé with the addition of ingredients like Dijon and lemon juice. For a change from a regular type of cheeseburger, Emmental can be delicious melted over meat. Adding Dijon mustard and sliced ​​pickles can create a combination that burger lovers like.

Potato gratin gratin can be even better with caramelized onions and Emmental cheese added after the dish is cooked. With the cheese and onions on top, the potatoes can be grilled for a few minutes just before serving. Emmental can also be used in omelettes or grilled cheese sandwiches. Especially if it’s not tightly wrapped, this type of cheese can start to produce a sort of fermented smell and taste after a few days in the refrigerator. Wrapping Emmental tightly and using it within several days or freezing the rest is often a good idea.

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