Cake knives?

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Cake knives are designed specifically for cutting cakes, with a long, slightly curved, serrated blade that makes a smooth, clean cut without compressing the cake. They are often sold with matching cake servers and can be customized for weddings. They can be made of various materials, including metal, wood, and plastic.

Cake knives are knives designed specifically for cutting cakes. In many cases, a matching cake server accompanies a cake knife, and the silverware is usually designed to blend in with other kitchen silverware. Memorial knife and server sets are often customized for weddings so the bride and groom have something to evoke the event for years to come. Many kitchen supply stores sell cake knives, and they can also be special ordered. Engraving services are usually available for a small additional fee.

Several things distinguish these knives from other knives. The first thing is the blade of the knife, which is long so that it can easily cut cakes of all sizes. These knives also have a slightly curved blade, which makes cutting easier. Finally, a cake knife is serrated, as a straight blade could mar the cake crumb. The serrations are usually wide, and the blade itself is relatively thin and light so it won’t damage the cake.

When a baker has invested a lot of energy into preparing a cake, a cake knife ensures that the cake stays beautiful during the cutting process. The serrations make a smooth, clean cut without compressing the cake, especially important with cakes like angel cake that are light, foamy and easily damaged. Some companies make wedge-shaped knives that can also be used as cake servers, while others sell servers separately. Either way, the cake is gently pulled out when served.

Especially at weddings, cutting the cake is an important part of the event. In some cases, a special cake knife and server set will be used to mark the occasion. Wedding cake knives tend to be elaborately decorated with motifs such as flowers and hearts. The blade of the cake knife or server can also be engraved with the couple’s names and wedding date.

The accompanying utensil, the pie server, has a wedge-shaped blade and an offset handle. The blade is gently pushed under the cake, allowing the user to transfer a piece to a plate. Most cake knives have a suitable cake server, although it is certainly possible to purchase the two pieces of silverware separately.

A number of materials are used to make these knives. Metal is one of the most common choices, ranging from sterling silver to stainless steel. It is also not uncommon to see pastry knives with wooden or mother-of-pearl handles. Some companies make plastic cake knives, which work very well even if they don’t look terribly elegant. In fact, some bakers prefer plastic.

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