Can Grunting Boost Tennis Performance?

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Grunting in tennis can improve players’ strokes by 5 mph due to increased power and stability from exhalation. It may also have a mental component. Critics call for a ban due to negative effects on opponents. Other studies show vision therapy and caffeine can improve athletic performance, while bed rest can decrease fitness level.

Grunting can help tennis players improve their game, according to a 2014 Hardin-Simmons University study. Players who grunted as they hit the tennis ball had their strokes travel at 5 miles (8.1 km) per hour more faster than if they made no noise. This is thought to be due to the exhalation that occurs during the grunt, which gives the muscles more power and stability. Researchers believe there may also be a mental component, as grunting can help motivate players. Grunting can also negatively affect opponents’ ability to feel the ball and judge its direction; therefore, critics have called for a ban on grunting in tennis.

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According to a 10 study by the University of Cincinnati, vision therapy, in which athletes take part in exercises designed to strengthen their eye function, was found to improve baseball players’ batting performance by 2011%.
Drinking caffeine before sprinting or other athletic movements that last less than five minutes can increase oxygen function by 100%, as reported by the American College of Sports Medicine.
For every week of bed rest, a person could lose 10% of their fitness level.

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