Can mobile games benefit you?

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Pokemon Go caused Americans to take 144 billion more steps in a month, increasing activity levels by 25%. Surgeons who play video games make 37% fewer mistakes, and playing video games can increase brain size and boost memory and motor skills.

Video games and, more recently, mobile games are accused of contributing to many social problems, ranging from teenage obesity to gun violence, but there is at least one case where a game was the direct cause of something good. In 2016, the Pokemon Go craze swept the globe, prompting millions of gamers to grab their mobile devices and go in search of virtual creatures in the real world. Besides being a huge hit, the game got people moving in a big way. According to a Microsoft research team, Americans took 144 billion more steps during a month of playing “Pokemon Go” than the previous month. On average, gamers increased their activity levels by 25%, adding nearly 1,500 steps to their daily routine. One particularly promising aspect of the increase was that it occurred across all demographics. People of all ages took part, even those typically less inclined to engage in physical activity.

Play, move:

Surgeons who regularly play video games have been found to make 37% fewer mistakes than their peers.
The integration of exercise into a video game began in 1988 with the release of Nintendo’s Power Pad and World Class Track Meet game.
A German study found that playing video games increases brain size and boosts memory and motor skills

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