Cedar Lumber: What is it?

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Cedar lumber is a natural, high-quality building material that is resistant to water damage, insect infestation, and warping. It is commonly used for outdoor structures and comes in various shapes and sizes. Cedar has a distinct fragrance and is visually appealing, but may require treatment after several years. Pressure treated lumber is an alternative, but not as environmentally friendly or visually appealing.

Cedar lumber is wood made from cedar trees that is used as a structural material during construction. Lumber can come in various forms, from raw wood in the form of a tree to finished pieces of lumber cut to specific sizes and shapes. Cedar is a type of lumber commonly used for construction, and cedar lumber is naturally resistant to water damage, such as rotting, warping, and the growth of mold and mildew. It is also resistant to insect infestation; it is highly sought after as a building material due to its natural resistance to various types of damage, and generally costs more than other types of lumber.

Builders often choose cedar lumber for structures that will be built outside; cedar lumber is used for structures that will be regularly exposed to the elements. Cedar’s natural properties make it a high-quality choice that will last a long time and look great in the process, as cedar’s red hue makes it an attractive choice for many structures. It may fade after time and regular exposure to the elements, however, and after several years, the wood may need some treatment. Cedar also has a distinct fragrance that many people find appealing; it is commonly used for closets and other small enclosures to add a pleasant smell to the contents of the closet or the surrounding room. The smell will also fade a bit with time.

Like other types of lumber, cedar lumber can be cut into a variety of sizes and shapes to fit a specific application. There are planks, planks, posts, joists, studs, and other varieties of cedar lumber available, and there are other applications of cedar wood as well. For example, cedar is commonly used for shingles on house roofs. It is a lightweight wood, making it easier to transport and move into place during construction. It absorbs very little water, which means it is much less susceptible than other woods to warping or twisting, which is a very common problem among other types of lumber.

An alternative to cedar lumber includes pressure treated lumber. This type of lumber is chemically treated to resist moisture damage, and while it’s just as good at resisting water damage, it’s not as environmentally friendly or as visually appealing as cedar. Pressure treated lumber can also be quite expensive in some cases and may need to be re-treated after several years of exposure to the elements.

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