Cheapest gas country?

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Venezuela has the cheapest gas prices due to government subsidies, costing about 19 cents per gallon. The US consumes the most gas, while Europe has high fuel taxes resulting in high prices. Eritrea has the world’s most expensive gas at $9.58 per gallon.

The cheapest gas prices are found in Venezuela. The government subsidizes the cost of gasoline, so drivers can expect to pay about 19 cents (in US currency) per gallon (about 5 cents per liter). The Saudi Arabian government also subsidizes gasoline, resulting in gas costing about 61 cents a gallon (about 16 cents a liter).

More information about gas:

The United States consumes more gasoline than any other country, approximately 386 million gallons (1.46 gigalitres) each year.

Some of the highest gas prices can be found in Europe due to high fuel taxes. Some average prices include $7.38 USD per gallon ($1.95 USD per liter) in Belgium and $9.24 USD per gallon ($2.44 USD per liter) in Turkey.

The world’s most expensive gas is found in Eritrea in Africa, where gas costs about $9.58 USD per gallon ($2.53 USD per liter).

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