China’s coal loss to fire?

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China loses 20% of its annual coal production, between 100-200 million tons, to fires each year. These fires produce 1.1 billion tons of CO2, more than all US automobiles. China is the largest coal consumer and producer, with 3 billion tons produced annually and 13% of global reserves.

China loses between 100 and 200 million tons (91 to 181 billion kilograms) of coal in fires each year, or about 20% of its annual production. The thousands of coal fires burning around the world are one of the world’s largest sources of pollution and carbon dioxide. Coal fires in China alone produce about 1.1 billion tons (about 1.1 trillion kilograms) of carbon dioxide, more than the amount of CO2 produced by all automobiles in the United States.

More coal facts:

China is the largest consumer and producer of coal in the world. About 3 billion tons (2.7 trillion kilograms) are produced annually in China, and about 2 billion tons (1.8 trillion kilograms) are used.
Every day, 13 people die in coal mines in China. About 30 people die each year in coal mines in the United States.
China holds about 13% of the world’s coal reserves and has enough coal to sustain the country’s growth for more than a century.

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