Chinese exports up by how much?

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Chinese exports have grown rapidly, with a 48% increase in 2010 alone. In May 2010, exports totaled $131.76 billion USD. The US and Japan are China’s top trading partners, with electrical machinery and equipment being the main import and export category.

Chinese exports have increased dramatically. It exports in six hours today what it did in all of 1978. In 2010, China’s exports increased by more than 48% year on year. In May 2010 alone, Chinese exports totaled about 131.76 billion US dollars (USD).

Other import-export facts:

China’s top export destination in 2009 was the United States, with the United States importing more than $220 billion in goods from China.
The country that imported the most from China was Japan, more than 130 billion dollars. The US was fourth in line to export to China, just over $77 billion in exports.
Interestingly, China’s main imports and exports belong to the same category: electrical machinery and equipment. It exported $301 billion in this category and imported nearly $244 billion.

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