Chinese Zodiac Dog: Personality Traits?

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People born in the Year of the Dog are loyal, empathetic, and idealistic. They can be critical and sensitive, but excel in artistic careers and make good counselors. Dogs get along best with horses and tigers, but have conflicts with dragons, monkeys, snakes, roosters, and mice.

People born in the Year of the Dog are perhaps best known for being extremely loyal people who form strong friendships. The dog is a yang sign, so many dogs have very masculine traits, and the dog’s fixture is metal, making dogs very determined, respectful, caring, and self-reliant, with a desire for personal space that can sometimes be a source of conflict. Many dogs lead very skilled and fulfilling lives which allows them to exhibit the best parts of this Chinese zodiac sign.

The Chinese zodiac is extremely complex. Each year has a specific zodiac sign, with its own fixed element and traits, but the years are also influenced by a number of revolving elements and their yin and yang associations. Consequently, the year a dog is born is very important, as is its time of birth. When a Chinese horoscope is cast, a number of factors are taken into consideration to create an accurate assessment of a person’s unique personality and situation.

In addition to being very friendly and loyal, dogs are also extremely empathetic. Many people find themselves seeking advice and support from a friend born in the Year of the Dog, as dogs show an uncanny ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. This trait can also work against them, as they tend to be easily upset and shocked, and many dogs are very sensitive people, which can be problematic for them.

The dog sign is also associated with a great sense of idealism, and many people with the dog zodiac sign tend to be extremely critical, both of themselves and of others. Their ability to emphasize can also play a role here, as dogs can cut to the heart of a situation and someone’s personality, sometimes in a not very pleasant way. Dogs are extremely intelligent, but they’re also simple, no-nonsense people, and this can be a devastating combination when they rate people as frivolous, selfish, or inconsiderate.

Someone with the Dog astrological sign often does well in an artistic career, especially as a director or composer. You may also see dogs working on technical support staff such as stage managers and similar positions, and they make excellent teachers and counselors. Some Dogs also make excellent politicians, adopting a friendly and straightforward style that appeals to many people.

Dogs do not get along well with dragons, monkeys, snakes, roosters and mice, due to fundamental conflicts between these signs. They tend to form the strongest and best relationships with horses and tigers, as these signs share a number of traits that complement each other. In the case of people with the Ox, Rabbit, Sheep, or Pig sign, dogs tend to make quite friendly and easy-going friendships, and they get along well with other dogs as well.

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