Common home poisons?

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Household cleaning products contain poisonous chemicals that can harm the body if ingested, absorbed through the skin, or inhaled. Children are particularly vulnerable. Cigarette smoke is also a major poison in the home. Toxins found in household products include ammonia, chlorine, and phenol, which can cause skin burns, lung damage, and even death. Switching to toxin-free products can make the home safer.

In most homes, there are numerous cleaning products that are extremely poisonous and can kill if introduced into the body system. Window cleaners, bleach, bug sprays, and cleaners all contain harmful chemicals. The ones in these detergents are lethal, especially to children. More children under four have been killed by poisoning in the home than by any other cause.

Many toxic poisons can be found in the home and must not be ingested to be harmful. The chemicals in many household cleaners can be absorbed into the skin. You can also breathe in the fumes emitted by household cleaners. If lids are left open, some chemicals may release invisible gases which can be inhaled.

Many of these chemicals are noticed immediately if they are absorbed by the body. Many others work gradually. If you have a cold or illness, your body’s immune system won’t work as effectively. Your tolerance to household toxins will be weaker than if you were in full health.

One of the biggest poisons in the home is cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke releases about 4,000 different chemicals into the air. Inhaling secondhand smoke is even more harmful than smoking yourself. If more than one person smokes in the home, the amount of chemicals in the air can double or triple.

The three main types of toxins found in household products are ammonia, chlorine and phenol. The ammonia can cause rashes and skin burns, and the fumes can cause lung damage. Chlorine irritates the skin and is dangerous if inhaled. Phenol has been linked to cancer and is extremely poisonous. A small amount ingested can cause convulsions, coma or even death.

Most detergents, household cleaners and disinfectants contain one or a combination of the three poisons mentioned above. Other household products that contain these substances are perfumes, aftershaves, soaps and toothpastes. Feminine products like shower gels also contain these poisons, as do hair sprays and hair styling products. Even the products you use to care for your cat, such as flea sprays and shampoos, contain harmful materials.
There are companies that sell toxin-free products. By simply switching to these, you can make your home and environment safer. This will also help prevent unpleasant accidents in the house in the future.

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