Considerations for buying aquarium heaters?

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Aquarium heaters keep fish healthy by maintaining a stable water temperature. The amount of power needed depends on the size of the tank and the fish species. Submersible heaters are more efficient and reliable. Install near the filter and monitor regularly. Buy from a reputable company.

Fish are cold-blooded creatures; their internal body temperature varies as the external temperature changes. If there are too many temperature fluctuations, however, the fish experience stress and become susceptible to disease or die. To avoid this, aquarium heaters are installed in aquariums.
An aquarium heater keeps the water temperature stable and suitable for the needs of the fish species in the aquarium. Temperature requirements may vary depending on the type of fish. Before buying a heater for your aquarium, find out what a specific breed of fish needs.

A saltwater aquarium kept in a cold room will require more heating than a saltwater aquarium kept in a warm room. Find out what the exact temperature is in the area where the tank is located. Subtract the required aquarium temperature from the ambient temperature. The resulting number is the amount of heater power needed. For every gallon there should be at least 4-5 watts of heat.

The size of your saltwater tank should also be considered when purchasing an aquarium heater. A small aquarium or tank can do without a heater with a small power. A larger tank will require a heater with more output, or better yet, two heaters at opposite ends to distribute the heat evenly. A backup heater is a good idea, in case one breaks.

Aquarium heaters can be purchased at an aquarium supply store. There are many different styles and types available. Two of the standard types are hanging heaters and submersible heaters.
The hangon types are attached to an upper edge of the tank, with the controls above the water and the glass electrics submerged. Submersible types are waterproof and can be submerged in the tank. Submersible heaters are better as they are more efficient, reliable and safe.

Buy the best quality aquarium heater from a reputed company. Install it near the filter, as this is where there is good water flow, and leave it on for a full day to stabilize the water temperature. Never turn on a heater out of the water or handle it before it is unplugged.

The aquarium heater will have a thermometer attached. If not, get a separate one. Monitor the brine tank temperature at regular intervals to ensure there are no large fluctuations. A good tank heater will last a long time, and with a proper and stable temperature in your saltwater fish tank, your pet fish should be in great shape.

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