Custom golf shirts: what are they?

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Custom golf shirts and tees are great gifts and marketing tools for businesses. They can be used to build customer loyalty and strengthen relationships. Custom golf tees can be included in shipments to customers, and different packaging options are available. Prices start at around $30 for 150 shirts. Custom markers can also be supplied.

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, making custom golf shirts a great holiday gift, marketing tool, or corporate gift. Custom golf tees are colorful tees with custom printed stems, typically including 1-4 lines of text that are approximately 20 characters long each. Logos can also be printed on custom golf tees with customer supplied graphics.

For small businesses of all kinds, a bowl of custom golf tees at the checkout is an inexpensive way to build goodwill and customer loyalty. Inviting the customer to pick up a few t-shirts with your business name, address, phone, or logo on it will keep your business fresh in your customers’ minds even while they are engaged in other activities. This helps strengthen customer relationships and encourages repeat business. A substantial return for a small investment.

The same principles apply to other layers of the business world. Custom golf shirts make a great gift at conventions, symposiums, and trade shows. Thanks to the ubiquity of golf, custom golf shirts can be included free of charge in shipments to customers, even when the company product is not golf or sport related. Someone on the other end will undoubtedly make use of the T-shirts, keeping your ad money at work.

Custom golf shirts start at around $30 (US dollars) for 150 multi-colored shirts with 1-4 lines of text printed in black. The more tees you buy, the lower the unit price. Different colors of ink or logo graphics add to the price.
For an alternative style of custom golf tee, consider unprinted multi-colored tees in matchbox-like packages, with the custom print on the package itself, rather than on the tees. These packages can be very elegant and can make a classy statement about your business. Other packaging themes include small plastic bottles with printed labels or velvet pouches with embroidered logos. Pre-packaged custom golf tees typically pack 4 to 10 tees in a package and may or may not include markers.

Many companies that supply custom golf tees will also supply custom markers. Use a search engine to search suppliers for ideas that best suit your business or needs.

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