Custom t-shirt: how?

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To buy a custom t-shirt, find a store with the desired style and color, ensure the artwork can be reproduced, and find a reasonable price. Options include screen printing, printer, iron-on transfers, hand-painted, and print-on-demand. Prices vary, but print-on-demand may be comparable to other options.

Whether you want to design your own custom t-shirt or have one created for you, there are various ways to make such a purchase. The first step is to find an outlet that carries the style and color of shirt you wish to order. The second step is to ensure that the artwork can be designed or reproduced satisfactorily. Third, you’ll probably want to find the most reasonable price for a quality custom t-shirt.

There are several methods of making a custom shirt, including screen printing or screen printing. If you choose a screen print, you will generally be required to pay a screen printing fee. Aside from the activation fee, you will likely be required to pay an additional amount for each color added to your custom t-shirt. In addition to the cost of the paint, applying each color requires additional time and effort. Each color must be applied separately and must dry completely before the next layer can be added.

A custom t-shirt can also be made using a printer, much like one attached to your computer. This type of printing is faster and usually less expensive than screen printing. Other shops may use iron-on transfers, which can ensure that your artwork is reproduced perfectly, as it is scanned into a computer and then printed onto transfer paper. However, the colors may not be as vivid and the design may not last as long as a screen print.

You can also hire an artist to create a hand-painted t-shirt for you, though prices and options vary. Street vendors or people hosting booths at malls or festivals often offer one-of-a-kind, airbrushed-print shirts with everything from your name to a ready-made design. These shirts look great, but ask to wash these and other custom shirts to keep them looking their best.

You might also want to check out print-on-demand outlets. Online stores like Café Press allow you to upload your artwork and print one custom t-shirt at a time. You can order one or a hundred, and you can create an online store that will allow others to order a t-shirt with your design on it. You might even make a profit.

Keep in mind that ordering a print-on-demand t-shirt isn’t cheap. Whoever offers this service must also make a profit. However, the price may be more comparable to other options than you think, since most T-shirt printing establishments charge significantly more for a single item than for a bulk purchase.

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