Do people type more with right or left hand?

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The left hand is used for 56% of two-handed typing, which differs from hunt-and-peck style. Critics prefer alternatives like the Dvorak keyboard, which organizes keys by frequency of use. QWERTY has outlasted other designs. Average typing speed is 30-40 wpm, while Dvorak allows for over 400 words without leaving the middle or start line.

About 56% of two-handed typing is done with the left hand. This obviously differs from hunt-and-peck style typists, who tend to use their dominant hand more often. This, among other things, has led to criticism of the QWERTY keyboard from those who prefer alternatives, such as the Dvorak keyboard, which organized the keys by frequency of use.

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The QWERTY-style keyboard was patented in 1878. At first, people hated the design because of the seemingly awkward and counter-intuitive design, but it has outlasted other alternative designs, including the Dvorak and alphabetically arranged keyboards.
The average person’s typing speed is 30-40 words per minute. Anything over 50 wpm is considered excellent, and some people have gone over 90 wpm.
With Dvorak keyboard, you can type over 400 words without leaving the middle or start line. With the QWERTY keyboard you can only type about 100 words.

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