Goat cheese types?

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Goat milk cheeses have a long history and are known for their delicate flavors and creamy textures. French goat cheese, Greek feta, and American goat cheese are popular varieties. Goat cheese is lower in fat and may be consumed by some who are lactose sensitive or allergic to cow’s milk.

Goat milk cheeses are known for their delicate flavors and creamy textures. While somewhat less common than cow’s milk varieties, goat’s milk cheeses have a long history and a variety of fans around the world. The slightly tangy bite of goat cheese makes it a great escape from the everyday versions of cheddar and Swiss cheese.

One of the most popular homes for goat milk cheeses is France, where it is said to have been made since the 8th century. French goat cheese, also called chevre, is produced throughout the country but is a particular specialty of the lush Loire region. Most French goat cheeses are soft and spreadable, sold in pyramid-shaped logs or containers. Roquemador, from the Perigord region of France, is consumed fairly fresh, sometimes only aging for two weeks. One of the most famous French goat cheeses, Crottin de Chavinol is made in a small village of just 200 inhabitants and is loved for its rich, tangy taste.

In Greece, goat milk cheeses have a long history, dating back to the times of the ancient Greek city-states. In Homer’s The Odyssey, the hero mentions eating goat cheese with wine. The most famous Greek goat cheese is actually a blend of sheep and goat milk called feta. This white cheese is salted, i.e. aged and preserved in water flavored with salt. Feta is often eaten plain, grilled, or used in salads.

The United States of America has become a major producer of goat’s milk cheeses, with small producers common in farming communities across the country. Many small goat cheese farms make a basic version of the cheese flavored with additional ingredients. The famed Redwood Hill Farms in California offers many varieties of goat cheese, including versions with garlic and chives, peppercorns, and even with a rind washed in apple cider. American goat cheeses are often used as a spread for crackers and sandwiches, and have even gained popularity as a pizza topping.

Goat milk cheeses are great to explore for many reasons. For the calorie conscious, they typically contain considerably less fat than cow’s milk varieties. Goat cheese may also be consumed by some who are lactose sensitive or allergic to cow’s milk, although you should consult your doctor before trying. Environmentally conscious consumers may also prefer goat cheese since goat farming operations typically take up less space than livestock farms and are less harmful to the environment. All in all, there’s a world of reasons to wander past the everyday cheese section at the grocery store and hunt down some goat cheese for your next snack.

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