Grilled Pineapple: What is it?

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Grilled pineapple is a dessert made by marinating fresh pineapple slices and cooking them on the grill. It can be served hot or cold and is high in vitamin C. Various marinades can be used, and it only needs a minute on each side to soften and partially caramelize.

Grilled pineapple is a dessert made by marinating pineapple slices and preparing them on the grill. The broiling process softens the fruit and caramelises the natural sugars within, creating a very distinctive flavor that some people find quite pleasant. Grilled pineapple can be eaten hot or cold and is classically served after summer meals, especially tropical themed meals. Some people also serve grilled pineapple as an appetizer, often with the goal of entertaining guests while cooking the bulk of the meal.

Pineapple is naturally high in vitamin C, making it a health food as well as savory dessert. For people who experience discomfort when eating fresh pineapple due to the enzymes present in the fruit, cooking helps break down these enzymes, reducing irritation of the lips and tongue.

To make grilled pineapple, it’s best to use a fresh pineapple, rather than canned pineapple, which tends to be soft and sometimes mushy. The pineapple should be peeled, cored and sliced ​​such that the pineapple slices are large, ensuring they do not fall through the grill slats if they cook. You can also use a grilling cage, essentially a small wire mesh box, to grill the pineapple. Some cooks simply add pineapple to grilled kebabs, another way to prepare grilled pineapple.

Grilled pineapple marinades can be quite varied. A classic Caribbean marinade includes rum and sugar, which caramelize well and sometimes create a small crust around the pineapple as it grills. Lemon juice, paprika, and a little sugar can also be used for a spicier marinade, and cooks can also use various Asian-inspired marinades or come up with their own, with ingredients like honey, lemon juice, cinnamon, and so on.

Once the pineapple slices hit the grill, they usually only need about a minute on each side. The goal is to soften the fruit slightly by heating and partially caramelizing it. If the fruit is left to cook for too long, it can develop a mushy texture and the flavors of the fruit and marinade will run together, sometimes resulting in a rather bland final product. Cooks who use rum marinades may want to know that their pineapple wedges can catch fire. This is completely normal and the heat isn’t enough to damage or burn the pineapple, so the flames should simply be left alone.

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