Hair growth rate: what factors?

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Factors such as nutrition, exercise, hair products, and techniques can affect hair growth rate. Eating foods rich in protein and sulfur, drinking water, and avoiding sugary and starchy foods can boost hair growth. Exercise and scalp massages can improve circulation, while avoiding harsh chemicals and limiting heat styling can prevent damage.

If your hair is growing at a slower-than-average rate of half an inch per month, it may help to know that there are specific factors that affect the rate of hair growth. Nutrition, exercise, special hair products, and techniques to stimulate hair growth can all play a part in the rate of hair growth. By observing them one at a time, you may be able to help your hair grow faster.

When it comes to nutrition, it helps to know that human hair is made up mostly of water, protein, and sulfur, and adding more of these items to your daily diet can boost your hair growth rate. For more protein, add fish, eggs and nuts. Sulfur-rich foods include eggs, greens, onions, and garlic. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to increase the rate of hair growth and improve the overall quality of your hair. Foods and beverages that cause hair growth that you should eliminate from your diet include sugar, carbonated drinks, and starchy foods, such as white bread.

Getting about 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day will benefit your health in many ways, including improved circulation which can, in turn, deliver nutrients to your hair and scalp. Any type of exercise that stimulates your heart rate should work well, whether it’s brisk walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming. If you are able to master a head or shoulder support, this will also increase blood flow to the scalp and may improve the quality of the hair follicle. Another technique that can help your hair grow faster is a scalp massage, which works similar to head and shoulder support by providing direct stimulation to the scalp.

Some hair products should be avoided, because they contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and increase the rate of hair loss. These include some commercial hair colors and chemical permanent and relaxer solutions. Natural, plant-based products may be less damaging to your hair. The appliances you use on your hair can also affect the rate of hair growth, particularly if you use them frequently; try to keep blow-drying and straightening to a minimum, as direct heat on the hair can cause hair loss and breakage. Some types of brushes can also damage your hair, so you should choose tools that suit your hair type, whether it’s long, short, thick, sparse, curly, or straight.

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