Helicopter pilot jobs?

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Helicopter pilots can work in various fields, including emergency medical services, news agencies, law enforcement, military, and government agencies. They must complete flight training and maintain good physical and mental health. Communication skills, spatial awareness, and the ability to handle stress are also important. Additional training may be required for commercial helicopter pilots.

Helicopter pilot jobs range from tourism and aerial photography to working with emergency rescue groups or news gathering agencies. Other career opportunities include teaching, forestry, surveying and mapping, heavy lifting and flying for the military. Helicopter pilots must successfully complete a flight training program and log a certain number of flight hours before starting any job. Specialized training, based on the type of aircraft the pilot flies, is another requirement. Helicopter pilots also need to have and maintain excellent physical and mental health.

A relatively common helicopter pilot job is working for emergency medical services. This typically involves flying solo and in difficult weather and terrain. Helicopter pilots in emergency services fields are often called upon to transport victims of accidents, fires or natural disasters such as floods or the aftermath of a severe storm. Hospitals can hire pilots and pay for equipment, or services can be provided to a hospital by an outside company.

Similar to hospital jobs, helicopter pilots who fly for news agencies often travel to the scene of serious accidents or natural disasters. Other typical job tasks involve taking aerial footage for sporting events or traffic jams. News helicopter pilots may simply provide a means of obtaining aerial footage, or they may fly reporters to the scene as well.

Law enforcement, military, and government agencies also offer helicopter pilot jobs. Government jobs are found in areas such as transportation, wildlife monitoring, immigration and national security. One perk of flying for the military is the chance to gain free, advanced training. These jobs can, of course, be dangerous, especially when flying close to combat zones. Helicopter pilot jobs in law enforcement agencies typically require the pilots to also be fully trained police officers.

Other helicopter pilot jobs may entail lifting heavy equipment on job sites. For example, pilots working with offshore oil rigs are used to transport workers and equipment. It may be necessary for these workers to remain on site for several days so that they are readily available for transport. Some helicopter pilots go on to achieve high-level careers working with television shows or film production companies. Others spend most of their workday down to earth working as flight instructors.

Being a helicopter pilot requires the ability to handle stress, work under pressure and think quickly. Superior communication skills are required to communicate effectively and accurately with air traffic control, passengers and other pilots. Helicopter pilots often have to land in tight spaces; therefore, a good sense of spatial awareness is also essential for the execution of the work.

Becoming a commercial helicopter pilot may require additional training as per the employer’s requirements. The amount of time required to complete the training depends on the student’s available time and money, as well as the flight school’s scheduling constraints. Anyone interested in this type of training should research local flight schools to determine which ones have an adequate number of instructors.

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