Holiday newsletter content tips?

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A holiday newsletter should be light and cheerful, including topics such as births, trips, weddings, and major purchases. Avoid too much detail and focus on big events. Check for errors and consider who should receive it.

Many people like to send out a newsletter during the winter holidays to gather family and close friends about the year’s past events. Some people would like to start this tradition but don’t know where to start. There are many examples of a good newsletter, as well as many bad examples. Many of the bad ones go astray because the content of newsletters is more than most people need or want to know.

There are many things to include in a holiday newsletter. The birth of children and grandchildren are excellent topics. However, keep in mind that most relatives don’t need labor and delivery games. Keep topics light and cheerful whenever possible.

Visits with old friends or very special trips should also be mentioned. If one hasn’t traveled in the last year, they could list upcoming plans. “Barb and I are finally going to take that trip to Ireland next year” is a good example of listing an upcoming event.

If you travel often, there’s no need to list every trip in a vacation newsletter. In fact, this might sound like bragging since vacations can be expensive. List just one or two trips that were really important and might have relevance to readers.

Mentioning the death of family members is a judgment. Sometimes the death happened so recently that it would be difficult to write about it. On the other hand, not including it might suggest that one is insensitive. Without going into details, such a mention could go as follows: “Unfortunately Bob’s mother passed away in October. We will always miss her and her wonderful spirit.”

A wedding of yourself or your children is a good mention in the holiday newsletter. “In February, our daughter Amy married her boyfriend in a joyous ceremony,” for example. When new couples send out their first newsletter, it can be a little difficult to determine what details to include.
Because many friends may only know one member of the couple, too much detail about both spouses can be annoying to people who don’t really know either spouse. What can be written is how well the marriage is going. One could write, “Since our marriage, we have both discovered new things to appreciate about each other every day.”

A holiday newsletter can also include major and life-changing purchases. New homeowners may want to share that they were able to purchase a home. An elderly couple might tell of having sold their old house and moving into their vacation home. A person who invests in real estate, by contrast, shouldn’t list every purchase or sale. Sticking to big events, like kids graduating from high school or college, is always a good way to go.
After completing a holiday newsletter, be sure to check the newsletter thoroughly for grammatical errors, spelling problems, and typos. Also think about who should receive a newsletter. While close friends and family likely enjoy hearing your family’s news for the year, passing acquaintances and businesses may be wondering what to do with all this information.

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