How many countries won the World Cup?

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Before 2010, only seven countries had won the World Cup. Spain became the eighth winner that year. Brazil has won the most World Cups at five. The first World Cup was in 1930, hosted by Uruguay. The tournament is held every four years, except for 1942 and 1946 due to World War II. Brazil is the only country to have participated in every World Cup. Over 700 million people watch the World Cup, making it the most watched sporting competition.

Until 2010, only seven countries won the World Cup: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, France, England, Italy and Germany. Spain brought the mark to eight when they won the 2010 World Cup on 11 July 2010. Brazil hold the record for most World Cup wins at five. There have been 19 World Cup matches since the tournament began in 1930.

More Fanciful Facts About Soccer:

The first World Cup was hosted by Uruguay in 1930 and 13 countries competed, only four being European. Uruguay won their first World Cup in front of 93,000 fans. 32 countries compete today.
The World Cup is the most watched sporting competition in the world, with over 700 million fans watching.
Brazil is the only country to have participated in all World Cup races.
The World Cup has been held every four years since its inaugural event, with only two exceptions in 1942 and 1946 during World War II.

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