How many MLB teams have a baseball on their uniform?

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No MLB team can have a baseball or baseball-shaped design on their uniforms to prevent confusion. Some teams use baseball imagery in their logos, but it must be incorporated into another design element. The Chicago White Sox once wore shorts, Ted Kluszewski developed sleeveless jerseys, and the New York Yankees don’t display players’ last names on their jerseys.

No Major League Baseball team uses an image of a baseball on their uniforms. According to the official rules of Major League Baseball (MLB), no team is permitted to have a design on their uniforms that is a baseball or even shaped like a baseball. This rule is intended to prevent any confusion between teams in misidentifying their teammates. There have been instances of MLB teams using baseball imagery as part of their logo, including the Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets, and San Francisco Giants. These logos are considered acceptable because the baseball imagery is heavily incorporated into the design of another team element and is easily recognizable for the particular team.

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In 1976, the Chicago White Sox uniforms included shorts, which lasted just three games before reverting to pants.
Cincinnati Reds player Ted Kluszewski is credited with developing the sleeveless baseball jersey after he ripped his sleeves in 1947 because they were too tight on his biceps and inhibited his swing.
The New York Yankees are the only MLB team to not have players’ last names displayed on the back of their jerseys.

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