How often do baseball rules change?

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Baseball rules change regularly in both major and minor leagues. The official rulebook has been updated almost every year since 1877, with changes including new and reworked rules. Minor league rules also vary and are reviewed annually. Early baseball had a rule where fly balls bouncing or going through the outfield fence were home runs if they traveled at least 250 feet and bounced in fair territory. The first World Series was in 1903, won by Boston. The first All-Star Game was in 1933, with two ties occurring in 1961 and 2002.

The rules of baseball change on a regular basis, in both the major and minor leagues. Major League Baseball’s official rulebook has been changed in some way nearly every year since 1877, with changes that have included eliminating or reworking previous rules and introducing new rules. In minor league baseball, the rules could vary from league to league, with those rules also subject to review and change on an annual basis.

More baseball facts:

For a brief period early in baseball’s history, fly balls that bounced or went through the outfield fence were considered home runs. This rule required that the ball travel at least 250 feet (76.2 m) before bouncing and that the bounce must be in fair territory. The rule was changed before the 1930 season in the American League and before the 1931 season in the National League.
The first World Series took place in 1903. Boston and Pittsburgh played a nine-game series that included a tie. Boston emerged as the winner of the series, winning five games to Pittsburgh’s three.
The first All-Star Game between players from the American and national leagues took place in 1933. Two ties have occurred in the All-Star Games, in 1961 and 2002.

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