How Social is Internet Use?

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22% of internet time is spent on social media, with users spending one minute every 4.5 minutes on social sites. People collectively spend 110 billion minutes on social media each month, a 25% YoY increase. Brazil leads in social interaction, with 86% of users visiting social sites.

Worldwide, 22% of all time spent on the internet is social. In 2010, users spend one minute every four and a half minutes on a social site, such as a blog or social network. Collectively, people spend an estimated 110 billion minutes visiting social media sites each month. The totals represent an increase of nearly 25% year-over-year.

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More than 13 billion videos are watched each month on YouTube by 135.7 million users, approximately 96 videos per user.
Brazil leads the world in social interaction on the Internet: 86 percent of Brazilian Internet users visit social sites, compared to 74 percent in the United States.
Most internet video is watched during business hours, between noon and 2pm

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