How to be a corrosion tech?

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A corrosion technician analyzes and prevents corrosion in industrial environments. To become one, you can obtain a college degree in engineering or attend professional training. Certifications and licenses are required, and entry-level positions can enhance your resume.

In industrial environments, various materials are often exposed to moisture and caustic materials which can lead to corrosion of machine components, structural components and more. A corrosion technician is a person who analyzes this corrosive process and formulates processes and materials to help prevent future corrosion. To become a corrosion technician, you will first need to complete high school or an equivalent qualification, paying close attention to math and science courses. From there, you can choose from a few different paths that will help you become a corrosion technician.

It is possible to obtain a college degree in engineering or corrosion engineering to become a corrosion technician. This program can take four years or more to complete, and when the program is complete, you will have the educational foundation to take further steps towards becoming a corrosion technician. After you graduate, you will likely need to obtain certain certifications or licenses as outlined by local or regional government agencies. Some employers will allow you to earn these certifications on the job, while in other cases you may be required to earn these certifications in advance.

If you don’t want to earn a college degree, you can attend professional training that will help you become a corrosion technician. A certificate program offered by a vocational or technical school will usually give you the skills and education you need to be hired in the field. This training can vary in length, and it’s a good idea to do some research on several job listings to find out what certifications employers are looking for. This will ensure you get the proper certifications that are most likely to get you hired. Once you become a corrosion technician, you must renew these certifications periodically or attend professional development training.

You will need to write a resume to land a job as a corrosion technician. This document will give employers an understanding of your training, skills and experience that will make you a good job candidate. To enhance your resume, consider taking entry-level positions in the construction industry or other industries that hire corrosion technicians. This will show employers that you know the industry well and have developed skills relevant to that industry. Describe other jobs you’ve kept on your resume and explain how they are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

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