How to get a BA certification?

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The International Institute of Business Analysis offers two levels of professional certification for business analysts. Candidates must meet education, work experience, and reference requirements and pass a written exam. The intermediate-level certification requires 2.5 years of work experience and is a gateway to the senior-level certification. Membership in the Institute is not required.

The International Institute of Business Analysis offers a professional certification for qualified business analysts who meet certain professional experience, education, and professional reference requirements. Candidates for the Certified Business Analysis Professional designation must successfully complete a written exam based on the Institute’s Business Analysis Knowledge, which is a collection of commonly accepted methods and practices in the business analysis profession. To be considered for testing, you must have a minimum of five years of practical work experience as a business analyst, plus 21 hours of coursework related to business analysis.

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be considered for professional business analyst certification. Before taking the certification exam, you will need to complete a specific course based on Business Analysis Knowledge. At least 21 hours of coursework in this field of study are required by the Institute before you can pass the business analyst certification exam. Additionally, these courses must be completed within the four-year period prior to the exam date.

It is also necessary to obtain at least five years of professional experience as a business analyst before becoming professionally certified. This work experience must include activities aligned with the Business Analysis Knowledge and must be completed within the ten years prior to applying for business analyst certification. In addition to educational and work experience requirements, you must provide two letters of professional recommendation to the International Institute of Business Analysis with your application. These recommendations can be made by a professionally certified customer, manager, or business analyst.

The Institute recently began offering an intermediate-level business analyst certification known as the Business Analysis Competency Certification. This certification is intended to be a gateway to the senior-level Certified Business Analyst Professional designation. This certification is designed for individuals who are still in the process of meeting all requirements. Provides business analysts with a method to demonstrate their competency to prospective employers and clients before becoming professionally certified. The educational requirements for this intermediate certificate are the same as the senior level requirements, but only 2-1/2 years of work experience is required.

The International Institute of Business Analysis periodically conducts both types of exams in various locations around the world. The written exam usually lasts three hours and consists of a series of 150 questions. It is possible to take exams electronically at some test sites. Membership in the International Institute of Business Analysis is not required.

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