How to get sponsored by an athlete?

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To get an athlete sponsored, develop skills and compete regularly, create a racing resume highlighting results and successes, and research potential sponsors. Show sponsors their logo will be visible by producing good race results, and consider approaching non-athletic companies for sponsorship opportunities. Don’t turn down small sponsorships as they can lead to future opportunities.

The best way to get an athlete sponsored is to first develop your skills in a particular sport and compete regularly. The better your results, the more likely you are to get an athlete sponsored by one company or many companies. As you begin to develop your skills and produce results, you will want to write a racing resume that outlines your racing results and other successes within the sport. This document will show a potential sponsor that you are serious about racing or competition and that you can produce results.

A sponsor will want to know that their logo will be highly visible and that the best visibility is achieved by standing on the podium. Show the sponsor that you can get their logo noticed by producing good race results. Even if you haven’t won a race, list your best finishes and be sure to mention how you’re improving to ensure you get a podium finish in the future. Your competition resume should be submitted along with a cover letter explaining the steps you are taking to achieve your athletic goals; be sure to explain how athlete sponsorship would affect those plans.

Research the company carefully before submitting any materials to sponsor a prospective athlete. Find out what products they offer that could help you in your businesses and find out how your competitors can help the company gain more exposure to key markets. You essentially want to sell yourself to the company as the best marketing option. Companies can offer you a full sponsorship that will pay entry fees and all essential equipment, or they can offer a very nominal sponsorship that doesn’t amount to much. Never turn down a sponsorship, no matter how small, as this is often an opportunity to build rapport with the company for future sponsorships.

Think outside the world of athletics when looking for an athlete sponsorship. Some regional and national companies that have nothing to do with athletics may want more exposure in certain markets that your participation in sporting events can provide. Find out if any companies outside of the athletics world offer sponsorship opportunities, and don’t be afraid to approach local businesses for potential sponsorships as well. The company may not have considered sponsoring an athlete before, but if you approach them with the idea and give them plenty of reasons to invest in you, the likelihood of an endorsement deal is greatly improved.

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