How to motivate kids to do homework?

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Homework is not fun for most kids, but parents can encourage them by showing empathy, offering praise, establishing a routine, giving minimal choices, and eliminating distractions like TV. It’s not the parents’ job to do the homework, but to make every option available.

It seems that the moment an adult says the word “homework,” every child within earshot scatters. Most kids don’t like homework. After a long day at school, a child usually wants to play. Unfortunately, classroom work is not enough to learn all that is required in a school year. There are many things a parent can do to encourage children to do their homework.

The most important thing a parent can do to encourage kids to do homework is to let the kids know they understand it’s not necessarily fun. Parents often won’t be able to make children enjoy homework, as most of the time it’s not a fun thing to do. Empathy goes a long way with children, as often children feel that their parents just don’t understand.

When kids don’t do their homework, some parents take it personally. Parents need to understand that they cannot physically make children do their homework. Parents can, however, motivate children to do homework with verbal praise. Praise the child for things he has done well, such as keeping letters between the lines, and avoid criticism.

Many children thrive when they know what to expect. The best thing a parent can do to encourage children to do their homework is to establish a set time and place. Choose a time that is convenient for both parties so parents can assist when needed. The place should be free of distractions, such as television and toys. Having a routine will minimize arguments about when and where to do homework.

Some children function better when given choices. The best thing to do, as a parent or guardian, is to offer minimal choices. Tell the children that they don’t have a choice whether or not to do homework, but they can choose when they want to do it. They can choose to do their homework before or after dinner or in the morning before school. The key is that you do.

One of the biggest distractions that keep children from doing their homework is the TV. When the kids are trying to do their homework, turn it off. Use the time to do things around the house like pay the bills, do the laundry, do the dishes, or read a book.
It is not the parents’ job to do the children’s homework. However, it is their job to make every option available to them to do so. It may not always be convenient, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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