How to remove metal grease?

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Degreasing metal surfaces can be difficult, but a good degreaser can do the trick. Kitchen appliances often need grease removal, but degreasers are also useful for items in the garage, garden, and yard. A selection of high-quality degreasers is necessary, including heavy-duty oven cleaner, oxygen-based products, butyl-based products (for bare metal surfaces only), and citrus-based products. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for best results.

Everyone, no matter how careful you are, has needed a good degreaser at some point in time. It is notoriously difficult to degrease all surfaces; however, one of the most difficult surfaces for grease removal is metal. Removing grease from metal may require professional care, but in some cases, a great degreaser will do the trick.

One of the most common metal surfaces that often need grease removal is a kitchen appliance. In the kitchen it is important to use a set of high quality cleaning products. Oven cleaner is a standard kitchen cleaning product and usually works well for removing grease both in and out of the oven. There are other degreasers as well that might work in and out of the kitchen. These products are useful because while kitchen appliances; such as stoves, ovens and hobs can easily become caked with grease, these are not the only metal surfaces that may need grease removal.

Degreasers can also come in handy for items in the garage, garden and yard. Different surfaces usually have different types of cleaners that are made to remove grease from their particular type of metal surface. To create a selection of high-quality degreasers that are sure to remove grease from any metal surface around your home, it’s important to include a few different types of products.

First, a heavy-duty oven cleaner, while an oven cleaner may need to stay on overnight, will certainly be effective at removing food-grade grease from the metal surfaces in your kitchen and your outdoor cooking appliances.

Oxygen is another degreasing effect. In fact, any product that has oxygen or oxy in its name is modified with hydrogen peroxide and will work well on most metal surfaces. Butyl-based cleaning products are also essential degreasers to have on hand. But use caution; these products should only be used on bare metal surfaces because they can destroy rubber and some types of painted surfaces. Also add citrus-based cleaning products to your arsenal. They remove grease on many types of surfaces, not just metal.

To remove grease from metal, start with one type of degreaser and apply it to the surface. Then follow the manufacturer’s specific directions for grease removal. It may take a few tries to remove the grease. Do not give up! While the first cleaner you use may not work, there is a metal cleaner that will remove the specific grease stain.

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