How to write a thank you note?

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Properly thanking someone involves sending a short, personal note within 30 days of receiving a gift or good deed. Use stationery, write in ink, and acknowledge the thought behind the gift without mentioning the amount. Thank hosts for their hospitality and express gratitude without adding humor or work updates.

Everyone knows it’s okay to say thank you after receiving a gift or good deed, but many people don’t realize that there’s a proper way to thank people. When it comes to expressing gratitude and letting someone know you really appreciate the thoughtfulness, it’s all in the delivery. It’s best to send a short personal note as soon as possible.
Do not hesitate. Never wait more than 30 days to send a thank-you note, unless you’re on your honeymoon. If so, you should send the card within two months. Waiting too long to send a note tells the donor that you don’t really appreciate their generosity. Make it personal. Rather than signing your name on a fun card bought at the gift shop, use stationery or plain note cards instead. Never write a thank you – write it in ink. The recipient will appreciate your time to express yourself. Get straight to the point. Thank you cards should be short and sweet: Thank you so much for the charming vase. I’m sure it will add a touch of class to any room I choose to use for its display.

As you can see, the author of the note immediately thanked the giver of the gift and let her know how the gift would be used, all in the first paragraph. You also can’t tell from this paragraph whether the recipient loved or hated the gift. This is key, because no matter how you felt about the gift, you should always be kind and acknowledge the thought. Acknowledge cash gifts without actually mentioning the amount. Thank you so much for your generous gift. We’ll deposit it into a savings account for a down payment on a new home.

Here, the writer lets the giver know that the gift was appreciated regardless of the amount and that it will go to a good cause. Thanks for the hospitality. If you’ve been a guest in someone’s home, especially for a weekend or longer, a thank-you note is also in order. It should follow the same guidelines as if receiving a gift; however, the opening paragraph should be about the visit. John and I had a wonderful time at your beach house last week. We especially enjoyed visiting the lighthouses in the area. You were right when you said that the best seafood in the country could be found on your own little island.

This note expresses gratitude for the host’s hospitality, but also lets you know that the journey has been enjoyable and enlightening. She ends the thank-you note by letting the host know that you’d like to offer the same hospitality someday in the future. Remember, this isn’t about you. Thank-you notes aren’t the time to add humorous anecdotes or work updates. When writing the card, express gratitude to the generous party, jot a line or two about the purpose of the gift, and conclude with a short paragraph about hoping to speak with or visit the giver soon. That’s all there is to it.

Thank-yous aren’t difficult to write and don’t take a lot of time. This way, you’re letting someone special know that you appreciated the time and care spent doing something nice for you. This will only encourage them to think more about you in the future.

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